Welcome to Oak Grove Memorial Park in Oak Grove

Football and Cheer Registration


*FOOTBALL and Early Registration

When: Saturday July 13, 2019 Time Football: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Where:  Oak Grove Memorial Park

*$10.00 discount for anyone who registers and pays registration fee during Early Registration only

FOOTBALL Regular Registration Dates

When: Saturday July 20, 2019 Time Football: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Where:  Oak Grove Memorial Park




*CHEER and Early Registration

When: Saturday June 8, 2019 Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Where:  Oak Grove Memorial Park

*$10.00 discount for anyone who registers and pays registration fee during Early Registration only

CHEER Regular Registration Dates

When: Saturday June 22, 2019 Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Where:  Oak Grove Memorial Park




Football Practice begins:  July 22, 2019 at the Oak Grove Memorial Park

Practice schedule:  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday -- 6:00pm-8:00pm

Cheer Practice begins:  August 5, 2019 at the Oak Grove Memorial Park

Practice schedule:  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday -- 6:00pm-8:00pm

Football and Cheer


Oak Grove Youth Football and Cheer

Our Youth Football and Cheer is for ages 5-12

2019 Football Schedule


 2019 Oak Grove Youth Football and Cheer Game Schedule (Revised Schedule)
August 17, 2019 Jamboree at Sumiton
August 24, 2019 OG vs Corner at OG
August 31, 2019 Bye Week
September 7, 2019 Dora vs OG at Dora/Senior 11/12 Team at Sumiton
September 14, 2019 Hayden vs OG at Hayden
September 21, 2019 OG vs Sumiton at OG
September 28, 2019 Warrior vs OG at Warrior
October 5, 2019 OG vs Morris at OG –No Senior Team
October 12, 2019 OG vs Haleyville at OG
October 19, 2019 Play offs Round 1 at Morris
October 26, 2019 Play offs Round 2 at Corner
November 2, 2019 Super Bowl at Parrish
November 9, 2019 Cheer Competition at Wallace State 

AWARD Winning Tigers

Our teams usually come home with trophies; Division Trophies, Super Bowl Trophies and Cheer Competition Trophies.  We add at least one trophy to our collection every year.


Registration - Cheer in June and Football in July

Cost - Football currently is $200 plus fundraising and work requirements

Cost - Cheer currently for new Cheerleader is $405 plus fundraising and work requirements

Practice - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-8pm

Games - Saturdays (unless rain out) usually beginning 3rd Saturday in August until 2nd Saturday in November

2019 Football and Cheer Committee


President - Brandon Burns

Vice-President - Jared McKinney

Secretary - Renee Alley

Treasurer - Anna Banks

Athletic Director - Joey Hyde 

Football/Cheer Fundraiser - Angela Dove

 Team Mom/Assistant Fundraiser - Delisa McPherson

 Cheer Director - Liz Burns

 Assistant Cheer - Channon Weston

Equipment Manager - Jody Banks

 Concession Coordinator - Kayla Nabors

 Grounds/Maintenance - Steven Nabors, 

Justin Banks, John Argo

Parent Information


Oak Grove Youth Football & Cheer Ball Park 

2019 Parent Guidelines

Dear Parents

It’s that time of year again. Football/Cheerleader season has begun! The following guidelines have been implemented to make the season more enjoyable for our children. We, as parents, have a responsibility to our children to set a sportsman- like example. We will need everyone’s help and cooperation with the guidelines set forth below to assure every child a fun and prosperous season. 

The Oak Grove Youth Football and Cheer have four teams (5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12). The requirement is that any child must be 4 years old by August 1 or under 13 years old by August 1. The child is eligible to move up to a higher age group if they will soon age into that group. The OGYF&C Committee and Coaches reserve the right to move a child back to their age group if they cannot perform at the higher level. Keep in mind that playing or cheering with an older group can be a disadvantage (example: if a child that is 8 years old moved to the 9/10 group they would be expected to perform at a level that they may not be prepared to perform). Cheerleaders interested in competition must perform in their actual age group or higher. 

Football player  and Cheerleaders MUST be at the Jamboree  or will not be allowed to play for the season, this a league rule and there are no exceptions. Once the child is registered the parent/guardian must officially notify the OGFYC by completing a withdrawal form and settling any outstanding balance if the child is not going to participate or continue to participate in the program. This policy is effective from time of registration until the end of the season.

A. We will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice or other youth sporting event. Parents are not allowed on the field during games or at practices. Do not approach coaches or assistant coaches on the field during games or at practices. These interruptions disrupt the children and set a bad example for everyone. If you have a problem with anyone on the coaching staff please advise an OGYF&C Committee member. A meeting will be scheduled between the parent, coach, and OGYF&C Committee members to discuss the problem and try to come up with a solution. Please keep in mind our coach’s take extra time to help your children. Please show them the respect they deserve. 

B. We will insist that every child plays in a safe and healthy environment. Please make sure your child has the required safety equipment at all times. Please do not allow your child to practice unless there is supervision by a coach. Cheerleaders should not be doing anything that requires standing on or being lifted by another person unless supervised by their cheer coach. 

C. We will demand a drug, alcohol, tobacco, and profanity free environment for all children at all sporting events. This includes games and practices. There are designated smoking areas. Please use them and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. 

D. No pets, bicycles, skate boards, scooters, or skates will be allowed at the park. This includes parking lots and playing areas. This is for the safety of all children and spectators. 

E. Each team is responsible for cleaning up around the field after games and practices. It is unfair for others to have to continue to pick up after you and your children. Please show your pride and keep our park clean. Please use these same guidelines when visiting other parks. 

F. Please treat our restroom facilities as if they were your own. If you see someone abusing these facilities, please let an OGYF&C Committee member know so the problem can be handled timely and efficiently. No one wants to use a facility if it is unclean or broken. 

G. A Parent or Guardian must accompany children to every practice.

Any rules that are broken by parents/family members/etc. the Oak Grove Youth Football and Cheer Committee and the Oak Grove Memorial Park Board have the authority to ban the individual(s) from Oak Grove Memorial Park.


1. Registration fees are used to pay All County Football League fees and insurance premiums on players. 

2. Money taken at the gate for home games is used to pay game officials.

3. Fundraising and Concession profits are used for utility bills, park repairs and to purchase new equipment.


A fundraising amount will be $50 per child. This fundraising money is used for homecoming, end of the year trophies and party. The Park is being built from donations and fundraising. Each year we have been able to update our facilities and purchase needed equipment. We, as committee members, know that if everyone pulls together and works as a team, we can continue to grow and will have a park that our children can be proud of and enjoy. 


The concession stand is opened for all home games and regularly scheduled practice days. In order for us to keep the concession stand open; all parents (men or women and over the age of 18) are required to work at a scheduled time. Parents are required to work three times; practice concession, games/concession, gate or chains (any combination). In the event a parent chooses not to work they must pay a fee of $20 for each session. A form and money to not work is due by a deadline. If you do not work the required/scheduled time and the form and payment is not received by deadline the charge will be $40 for each session missed. 

· If a parent fails to work or pay the required fee, their child will be suspended from 1 game and the $60 fee will be deducted from their fundraising total. This will be money individually raised per child for Trophies, Gifts for Homecoming, etc...

  • No children are allowed in the concession stand      at any time as stated in the Alabama Health Department rules. This is also for the safety of your children due      to the possibility of being severely burned or otherwise injured.
  • Due to  safety precautions, no children are allowed in the press box or on the      press box deck or stairs. Please know where your children are at all      times. 
  • Each team/squad is required to work the      concession stand and entrance gate at all home games.

Game Day: Team/Squad scheduled to open concession stand and entrance gate should arrive 1 ½ hour before 1st game. This is to give adequate time to prepare food. Concession stand should be opened 30 minutes before 1st game starts. Parents will not work the concession stand or gate during their child’s game time. 

Practice Day: Team/ Squad working practice days should arrive by 5:30pm in order to have the concession stand ready to be opened by 6:00pm. 

**Please note: The OGYF&C Committee has made a decision that in order to keep concession price as low as possible there will limited free meals from the concession. There will be courtesy meals offered to officials and Presidents of the other teams only. A meal ticket must be presented to receive courtesy meal.


Weekly Schedule: Cut grasses, trim weeds, pick up garbage, clean bathrooms and empty trash. 

Week  Team/Squad Week  Team/Squad

July 29  9/10 September 23 5/6

August 5 7/8 September 30 9/10

August 12 5/6 October 7 7/8

August 19 9/10 October 14 5/6

August 26   7/8 October 21 9/10

September 2 5/6 October 28  7/8

September 9  9/10 November 4 5/6

September 16 7/8 

11/12 Teams will be required to clean after all Home Games


Each Team/Squad will be responsible for preparing OGMP the Friday night before a Home Game and returning after the last game on Saturday for clean up. This includes:

 cutting grass and weed eating Football Field and surrounding area

 lining football field and setting out yard markers

 emptying garbage cans and replacing with new garbage bag

 cleaning and restocking bathrooms

 placing barriers for parking

 making sure the park is clean

*Football Players are required to be at all home games 1 hour prior to their game time.

*Cheerleaders are required to be at all home games 30 minutes prior to their game time.

Graduation Trophies

To be eligible for the Graduation Trophies a child must play/cheer for five (5) consecutive years and must be a member of the 11/12 team (or age 11/12 if there is not a team). OGYF&C will pay 50% and the parent will be responsible for 50% of the Graduation Trophy cost.

REGISTRATION AND UNIFORM Balance is due in FULL by August 8, 2019 if your account is not paid on time we cannot allow your child to participate.